About Us

BETHSAIDA BV started with simple, bold and visionary energy, for gentlemen to wear more beautiful and comfortable clothing.

The main topic in Bethsaida is men's shoes. Growing up in leather tanneries; it’s giving an amazing feeling when you build up an unlimited visions. So Bethsaida decided to become a voice in the shoe industry and set out to start It’s own footwear World. This was not a quick and easy road to walk,from starting the creation of the shoes till to sell in the stores. But to believe in our dreams, energy, claims, patirnce and vision, doing us successfull.

Production is made in a traditional handcraft process together with extensive knowledge acquired through many years of experience in the field. In order to Satisfy the most selective and demanding consumers who choose Bethsaida, strict and detailed quality controls are applied, which enable us to create a guaranteed product at all stages in the best production of their preferences. They will own the finest handcrafted comfortable pair of shoes made by the most experienced artisans. Our raw material are never selected by their price but by their efficiency. For this purpose we use mainly natural products. We manufacture not only our own brand names but also our clients own designs, collection under their own brand names.

We know The Luxury of men’s shoes need also appropriate, charismatic, aesthetic, quality, healthy, comfortable, actual clothing. And we do our best, we begin to produce the optimal actual clothing like t-shirts, trousers, jeans, accessories for men to feel them more charismatic and gentlemen.